Upcoming Gallery on the Walk Exhibits

RE:find's Gallery on the Walk is hosting two interactive art installations during the month of June.  In Gallery 110, Paul Nicholson, Director of the Martin Art Gallery at Muhlenberg College, is opening a show titled, "Permission Structures."   Nicholson combines issues from the news cycle with popular culture to engage the audience in a dynamic multisensory installation. Often, people think of art world as a refuge from the thorny world of politics, but this couldn’t be further from the truth in this provocative exhibition. Paul says about the work that “Everything we do as artists is political, from the explicit content of the work to the public act and commercial enterprise of exhibiting in a gallery. While some art claims to be about communicating truth and beauty, I am compelled to explore prickly problems that aren’t usually covered in the daily news cycle.” Nicholson feels that “Artists aren’t immune from the effects of our news saturated environment; in fact, I find it to be completely overwhelming at times, and with these works, I hope to slow things down a bit, in order to look a little more closely at how we think about difficult issues. I’m fascinated by how our beliefs are shaped by objects and cultural artifacts, as much as they are by arguments, proposals, and endorsements by people we trust”.

Running concurrently with "Permission Structures," Gallery 100 will feature the work of Josh Miller, a tenured Associate Professor at Kutztown University,  in a show titled, "Moving Bodies."   The exhibition includes two large-scale installations that immerse participants in an interactive experience: "Wave Form" and "Listen With Your Eyes" transforms kinetic energy into digital visualizations.   Wave Form is an interactive installation composed of infinite wave patterns generated in real-time with properties that can be controlled by the participants in the exhibition space. Users turn hand-cranks attached to large gears that will physically manipulate the variables controlling the properties of the wave visualization as well as the generated audio. Multiple people can interact with each other to generate unique combinations of figures, colors, and repetitions, with the goal of creating a distinctively participatory experience.   Listen with your eyes is an interactive installation composed of generative visuals and audio, projection mapped on a series of moving panels. The piece is reactive to user interaction, specifically, visuals, position and speed, and audio. The inputs are translated to physical panel motion, sound, and visuals.

Interestingly, Josh's exhibit is best experienced at night -- the gallery will have occasional evening hours, but you can experience the work any time from dark until midnight by stopping by the gallery and hanging out outside. 

An opening reception for "Permission Structures" will take place on Friday, June 8, 2018, from 6:00-8:00 pm.  Both shows will have artist's receptions on Third Thursday, June 21, 5:00-9:00 pm.  RE:find's Gallery on the Walk is located at 26 N. 6th Street, on the Arts Walk in downtown Allentown, across from Symphony Hall.  Both shows run through July 1, 2018.  The galleries are accessible whenever RE:find is open -- Tuesday through Saturday, 11-6; Sunday, 12-5.



We are so happy to relaunch our website.  It is updated and reflects our new digs in downtown Allentown.  Allentown, as many of you may know, is truly undergoing a renaissance.  New office towers, apartment buildings, the PPL Center, the hockey and entertainment center, an Arts Walk...... 

People ARE moving downtown, many, many people are now working in center city (lunch time street traffic has turned into something out of the set of Suits!), and restaurants are opening up and getting increasingly good reviews.  RE:find is part of a committed group of retailers who have taken a leap of faith and are at the forefront of Allentown's retail renaissance. 

It takes awhile to re-establish a shopping destination.  As any good Lehigh Valley native will tell you, not too long ago, Allentown was THE shopping destination for the entire Lehigh Valley.  Like many places, due to the changing nature of retail as well as the city itself, much of the retail of yesteryear went away. There are very few Hess', Allentown's premier department store, anymore, and for better or worse, they aren't coming back.  What is happening now in Allentown, like many cities throughout the country, is independent retailers are bringing their energy, expertise and unique perspectives to retail.  Retail stores are not going away -- they are an essential feature to a healthy and prosperous downtown. 

Allentown's retail sector is growing, and definitely worth a visit.  We are not your grandmother's Allentown (probably not even your sister's).  Change is happening very fast.  Keep up with it and come back for a visit!


Launch & RE:launch

RE:find is almost 2 years old...and when we started we modeled much on Home & Planet, my  old store in Bethlehem, Pa.  From the beginning, however, Ron brought his New York background in luxury retail into the mix...  In the process, we discovered a whole new opportunity where both of our aesthetics blend into a unique model for our new store.  Well.....now that the website is "live", we're tweaking again (not twerking, although anything to sell a good sofa).  As we speak, the four of us (Ron, Reetha, Inger and I) are re:thinking (lots of re's...I don't mean to be too cutesy here...) the layout of the store.  We want to focus on the truly one of a kind furniture and accessories we have in the store.  We don't want this really great stuff to get lost in the mix of other (great, but maybe not our focus) things....  You have to stop by and tell us how we're doing...  And visit this site often...we'll update often!